Hedge fund investments are often attractive to investors because they can provide returns that are uncorrelated to more traditional equity and fixed income investments. However, they are typically associated with limited liquidity and high fees. The JPMorgan Funds – Systematic Alpha Fund invests in a systematic way to capture returns from different hedge fund strategies within a single portfolio.

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Fund story

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Fund highlights

Diversified alternatives exposure
Allocates to several alternative strategies, including equity long/short, global macro, convertible bond arbitrage and merger arbitrage

Low correlation of returns
The alternative investment strategies that the fund invests in have little historical correlation to each other or to traditional equity and bond investments

Draw on significant expertise
The fund is managed by an experienced team dedicated to multi-asset and multi-country strategies that draws on J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s global expertise across core and alternative asset classes

Risk-controlled return profile
Seeks to produce returns with a typical annualised volatility of 5%

Cost efficient allocation to alternatives
Offers daily liquidity, transparency and competitive fees

Diversify for a smoother ride

Systematically investing in different hedge fund strategies within a single portfolio can help investors achieve smoother returns and potentially limit downside risk during periods of market volatility.

Because the strategies in which the JPMorgan Funds – Systematic Alpha Fund invests are lowly correlated to each other and to more traditional asset classes, such as equities and fixed income, the fund is ideal for use as a portfolio diversifier and as a replacement for existing alternatives allocations.

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Fund information

To provide a total return in excess of its cash benchmark by exploiting behavioural patterns in the financial markets, primarily through the use of financial derivative instruments.

Share Class
JPM Systematic Alpha A (acc) - EUR
Fund Manager(s)
Yazann Romahi
Wei Victor Li
Jonathan Msika
Fund Launch Date
01.07.2009 00:00:00
Fund size
EUR 566,6m
Morningstar Rating
Not rated
Total Expense Ratio
AUM as of 24.06.2019